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Skin Allergies And Causes

Persons suffering from skin allergies may have a tough time figuring out the cause of their problem and sometimes the only way to determine the cause is to purposely inject up to 73 known allergens into a small patch of skin and see which one causes a rash. This procedure, known as a patch test, can lead physicians to pinpoint what is causing a person to suffer.

Reactions to certain chemicals or elements can cause skin allergies that may be confined to the point of contact, or spread over large areas, including the entire body. Some rashes, affecting the hands and feet can create other issues if the person is unable to work or perform simple daily tasks as a result. However, once the cause of the reaction is known, typically avoiding contact with that cause can avoid any other problems. Sometimes treatment with corticosteroid cream can help those with a skin rash, but studies have found that about three percent of those with skin allergies are also allergic to the cream.

Recent studies have also shown that the biggest culprit in skin allergies is nickel. This metal, in addition to being used in U.S. Coins, is also used in jewelry, and clasps as well as in buttons on some clothing.

Many Cosmetic, Beauty Items On Top Offenders List

Also high on the list is gold, a precious metal used in jewelry and had other uses such as dental fillings and coins. A person who develops skin allergies after wearing gold, may have to switch to silver or another metal to avoid the rashes associated with the rash.

Myroxylon pereirae, from tree resin can be found in many cosmetic products such as perfumes and skin lotion. Another compound, neomycin sulfate is also used in cosmetics, deodorant and soap and is also found in first aid creams and pet food. A recent study also pointed to a mix of eight fragrance allergens in food, cosmetic products perfumes and dental products.

Many people develop skin allergies from formaldehyde, a preservative also used in paper, medications, cleaners cosmetics and in some fabric finishes. Shampoo and sunscreen may also include quaternium 15, another preservative also found in industrial products such as paint, wax and polishes.

For those suffering skin allergies finding out the cause can be an uncomfortable experience and another method for light allergies may include a rash diary, detailing what the person was doing or wearing when they noticed the outbreak of the rash. Over time, the results can be collated to help determine the cause of skin allergies, as well as compiling a list of what to avoid.



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